Many enterprise customers want the advantages of the cloud without the associated infrastructure, management, and technical issues. Agility, security, and performance are their primary concerns, as well as gaining the flexibility to deploy their choice of workloads to the cloud. And the Internet of Everything (IoE) — bringing together people, processes, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before — is creating an entirely new set of requirements for globally distributed and highly secure clouds. This presents a huge opportunity for Cisco® cloud providers.

Cisco launched the concept of the World of Many Clouds™ and along with partners helps customers shape their own journeys to the cloud. Cisco believes that each customer and situation requires a unique cloud solution: public, private, hybrid, consuming services, or integrating multiple clouds together. Just as the Internet grew out of the connection of multiple isolated networks, the Intercloud is also driving the connection of multiple isolated clouds to a platform for the Internet of Everything while increasing the choice of cloud consumption models for IT services.

The cloud represents a fundamental change in the way IT is consumed. Enterprise customers turn to Cisco cloud providers to help them increase cloud capabilities for their businesses. Cisco’s Cloud Portfolio offers all what is needed to move to the cloud your way — and make your cloud initiatives successful.

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