IT4profit is focused on providing cloud e-business solutions for the distribution channel. Using experience in the international distribution IT4profit provides solutions that will help to manage and increase inventory turns, control working capital and revenues while reducing operational costs.

IT4Profit e-business solutions bringing visibility into supply and demand chains and will reduce the pressure points that exist.


Product content

To provide detailed product information to help your customers make better informed buying decisions with you


An online negotiation tool that allows you to create deals to your customers and suppliers, measure their feedback and get visibility of the demand and supply in your channel.


Allows distributors, customers and suppliers to make transactions such as price lists, purchase orders, advanced shipping notifications, with each others and can translate these transactions seamlessly into their preferred formats such as CSV, XML, EDI and RosettaNet.

B2B Exchange

IT4profit offers a neutral platform that allows buyers and sellers to trade with each others using our solutions and using other third party service providers such as finance, insurance, credit and logistics. This allows exchange members access to new markets, products and services.

e-Catalogue and Order Management

To allow your customers to see their pricing and availability, purchase online and track & trace their orders. In addition you can fulfil orders online.